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This Months Film 8th Dec, Barbie

RIDING MILL FILM CLUB 2023 Friday 8th December Barbie 2023 -

Some Newspaper Reviews It's a riotously entertaining candy-coloured feminist fable that manages simultaneously to celebrate, satirize and deconstruct its happy-plastic subject (Mark Kermode, The Guardian)

It's a deeply anti-man movie, an extension of all that TikTok feminism that paints any form of masculinity - other than the most anodyne - as toxic and predatory (Sarah Vine, The Daily Mail) It is one of the most inventive, immaculately-crafted and surprising mainstream films in recent memory a testament to what can be achieved within even the deepest bowels of capitalism (Clarisse Loughry, The Independent)

It's a movie that's enormously pleased with itself Barbie never lets us forget how clever it's being, every exhausting minute (Stephanie Zacharek, Time Magazine)

What do YOU think?

Films start at 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) and the admission charge is (still) £5



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