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F.A.Q. Page.

Can I hire the halls for a private event?

Yes both our halls are available for hire see our Hall Diary page for more information  (Click Here)

Can I have my picture removed from a photo used on the website?

Yes just Click via this link to go to our privacy policy page where you will find the direct link to email our webmaster who will remove your picture.

How do I put a poster for my club/organisation on the What's On page?

All you need do is send a digital copy of the poster (A photo will do) by email to Colin our web admin, Click Here

I only have a paper poster can this still be displayed on the What's On page?

Yes just photograph it and send it by email with any instructions and we will add it to the website.

I have put a poster on the notice board, will my poster be added to your VHT "What's on" page?

Perhaps but it will but may be delayed in appearing. If you can email us a photograph/copy it will be quicker.

I am interested in joining as a volunteer to help run the Coffee@The Hall how do I do this?

Just contact our halls bookings secretary or speak to one of the volunteers (Contact Us)

Do you supply food for a private event?

No but depending on what you want we may be able to help please speak to our Bookings Secretary (Contact Us)

Can you advertise my event/club?

Yes events/clubs at the halls can be advertised on our "what's on" page which emails out to subscribers regular events/clubs can have their own web page on this website free just email our web admin Colin Click Here

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