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F.A.Q For Bookings
Note from Jan 2023 some hire rules have changed.

How do I find out if a room is available?

The easiest way is to look at the online diary to see if the day/time is already booked. You can make a booking enquiry from the diary page giving the date and times you want. Click Here

Note. Some bookings already reserved may be flexible, do enquire anyway.


Can I hire the halls for a birthday party?

Yes, both our halls are available for private hire

Note: - Normal young children's birthday parties have a fixed fee for 3.5 hours during the daytime but if you want longer than this, For example to setup/cleaning, extra hours at the usual rate can be added to the booking, Adult evening parties see below.


How do I find out the hire charges?

The easiest way is to make a booking enquiry specifying your preferred date and times,

Note, Hire charges vary depending on the room you want the length of hire.

There may be a security deposit charged this will be returned after the event

Some events have a fixed fee for the booking, E.G. Funeral tea, Evening parties. Click Here


Do I need to pay a deposit to reserve the booking?

Yes, normally for a single booking we require payment in advance.


I want to run a class every week, do I pay in advance?

Normally for new hirer's a month’s fees will be payable in advance, however after the first month of regular weekly bookings you will pay in arrears for the previous month bookings.


When do you require the balance paid?

Speak to our bookings secretary.


Do you do a discounted rate for charity fundraiser events?

Yes, for registered charities, Please note this is at the discretion of the halls committee please enquire.


How do I gain access to the hall, can I have a key?

In most cases the hall will be opened up and locked after you leave. Regular hirers will be loaned a key at the discretion of the committee.


Do I need to clean up and move chairs/tables after my hire?

Yes, it is in the hire conditions that the hall is cleaned and any equipment returned to the way it was when you arrived, we do have small bins outside at the back for up to one bag of rubbish per hire. Any more you are required to dispose of yourself, Note there could be a cleaning charge should there be a mess/furniture left at the end of your hire.

I want to cancel my booking do I need to pay a cancelation fee?

If you cancel seven full days before the day of hire normally there will be no charge and any deposit paid will be returned.

This does not apply to special events for example weddings or any hire that may have a cancelation clause applied. Please note this is at the discretion of the trustees see the terms and conditions for more detail.


I forgot to cancel my booking do I still need to pay?

Yes If you do not inform us seven full days before the date of hire you will be liable to pay the full hire fee.


I want to hire the whole hall for a full day, do you do a discounted rate?

Yes, a full day’s hire has a discounted rate please check with our bookings secretary. 

Can I hire an evening for a party?

Yes, full evening events like adult birthday parties anniversaries weddings, and other private events, will be a fixed price depending on what is required. 

There may be a security deposit charged this will be returned after the event.


Can I have a Bouncy Castle (or other hired in play equipment) at my child's birthday party?

Yes, we now allow indoor bouncy castles at children's parties (Parish hall only).

Note: - It is a requirement for any hired in equipment to be covered by the hire company’s public liability insurance. We will guide you through this.


I want a small meeting is there a small room we can book?

Yes, we have 2 small rooms one just off our foyer in the Parish Hall this is suitable for a small group/meeting up to about 12 the other is the Supper room


Can we use the kitchen for coffee/tea?

Yes, use of the kitchen kettle, mugs, plates, etc are included in the hire if you want to cook hot food (see below).

Do you have a sound/projector system I can use?

There is a projector and small sound system you can use for a extra fee please check it is suitable for your needs.


Can we use the kitchen to cook/prepare HOT food to our party/group?

Yes, use of the microwave for example heating up party food is in with the party hire charge, Note full cooking from scratch may involve an extra fee please ask.


I want to hire the hall until 1am?

Sorry both the halls must be vacated cleaned and locked up before 11.59pm


I want to hire the hall for a wedding reception?

Yes, this is priced as a special event please enquire to discuss this


Can I sell Alcohol at my event?

Yes, the Parish Hall has a drinks licence allowing the sale of alcohol by the organiser.

If you employ a private company to sell drinks they will need to supply their own drinks licence, (Conditions may apply) please discuss.

Note the Millennium hall does not have a drinks licence however at a private event you can give alcohol to invited guests.


Can I play music in the halls?

Yes, the Village Hall holds a Performing Rights Society Licence, however you are responsible for any extra licences needed


Can I plug in my electrical equipment?

Yes, however all equipment should be P.A.T. tested


Can I sell goods from the hall?

Yes, please enquire, note this will be looked at on an individual basis.


One of my group has hurt themselves do I need inform anyone?

Yes, this will need to be reported and entered into our accident book as soon as is practical, please inform the event key holder and also contact us.

For the full Terms and Conditions please click below.

The Terms and Conditions of hire can be changed at any time and may be changed for an individual hire at the discretion of the trustees.


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