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Institution of the Rev’d Diana Johnson as Vicar of the Benefice of St James, Riding Mill.

We are pleased to recount that the Bishop of Newcastle has lifted the “suspension of presentation to the benefice of St James, Riding Mill”  and has directed that Rev’d Diana is relicensed as Vicar, rather than Priest in Charge.

The change is titular in her case, but also serves as a powerful affirmation of the sustainability of St James’ Church here in the village. As we said at the Annual Meetings, the Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council are quietly celebrating it as a positive confirmation of their vision for the church after the effort of many to rebuild us.


The Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council request the presence of all Riding Millers at the Institution service to be held in St James Church, Riding Mill at 10 am on Saturday 18th May 2024, and afterwards in the Millennium Hall, Riding Mill for cake and coffee.

The Bishop of Berwick, the Right Reverend Mark Wroe will lead the service;

the Archdeacon of Lindisfarne, the Venerable Catherine Sourbut Groves will be present.


I hope you might be there too!


Best wishes,


 The Rev’d Diana Johnson


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