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Film Club Angels Share Fri Jan 10th

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

This Ken Loach film, set in Glasgow, tells the story of a young father who narrowly avoids a prison sentence.

He is determined turn over a new leaf and when he and his friends from the same community payback group visit a whisky distillery, a route to a new life becomes apparent

The title angels’ share - a term for the portion of a whisky's volume that is lost during aging in oak barrels.

The film is basically a comedy# couple of brief episodes of moderate violence.

As the film is in Glaswegian English subtitles will be shown: Given the context there is a substantial amount of bad language. Themed food will be served unfortunately, a glass of whisky will not be included! (Rated 18)

Come and join us on Friday 10°'January in the Parish Hall

Doors open at 7pm, the entrance fee is £5; and food costs £2.

The Film Club Committee decided that the theme-related food would comprise Scotch Pies (with a vegetarian option) and cranachan (“a traditional Scottish dessert, originally a harvest celebration made following the raspberry harvest in June”), containing – believe it or not – raspberries along with whipped cream, oats, honey and whisky.

The bar will be serving shots of whisky – in addition to the usual fare – at the give-away price of £1 a shot!

Please Email Judy to help estimate numbers attending.



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