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Parish News

Thank you to the Parish news for the following information that may be of help to our groups and villages.

Small Grant Awards – deadline imminent

Each year the PC makes small donations/grants to local clubs, societies or

charities. If your village club has a particular project this year and would like to

apply to the PC for a grant then please do so by 31st October. Further details of how

to apply can be found on our website:

Also Broadband,

In case any of you missed the appeal in the latest Covid 19 village newsletter to

register our village for the faster broadband scheme, details are as follows:

The government has launched the Rural Broadband Upgrade Fund. Northumberland

is one of the pilot areas and the aim is to provide residents with faster, more reliable

broadband. The government will help to fund the cost of the work but the funding is

only available when used in group projects (i.e. a number of residents have to sign up

for the funding or it can be a mix of business and residential).

We need to demonstrate to suppliers that there is enough interest in Riding Mill for

them to consider improving broadband in this area.

Residents need to register their interest by 30th September and you can do this by

clicking on the link below:

You are not committing to anything financial - it's simply showing that you are

interested at this stage. Better broadband for the whole village would make working

from home easier, video calls more reliable and streaming faster. Registering is very

easy and should only take a couple of minutes.



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