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Film Club, Fri March 13th, Untouchable (French)


As at this moment, the film will be shown this coming Friday unless events overtake us, in which case I will contact you again. The film is Untouchable (topical!), a French comedy (yes that’s right, a French comedy!). I’ve attached a copy of the DVD cover to tempt you.

The Guardian critic said:

For once, the hype is justified. This is a charming, uplifting French drama – an irreverent, humorous take on disability, closely drawn from real-life. It focuses on a superficially mismatched friendship between a wealthy quadriplegic and his ex-con carer. Each has his own disadvantage – one, physical, following a paragliding accident, the other socio-economic.

The theme-related food will comprise: brie and mini croissants, mini quiches, and profiteroles for dessert.  You’ll have to imagine that the wine is French!

Best wishes,





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