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Christmas Eve Crib and Christingle Service and the Teatime Crib and Christingle Service

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Dear Friends

Every Christmas in ‘normal’ times, our church is packed to the rafters for the Christmas Eve service. We were hoping to be able to meet all together this year to carry on the tradition.

However, personal safety must come first, and allowing large numbers of adults and children in one building in current circumstances would be simply irresponsible.…….

However: we have found a solution which means that no-one need miss out on the Christmas Eve Crib and Christingle service: we are going to hold two services, one at 2.30 pm and one at 4 pm! These are called the’ Early Bird Crib and Christingle Service’ and the ‘Teatime Crib and Christingle Service’.

Because we don’t want anyone to be disappointed, we are introducing a booking system. You will find below two links. These links are to the Eventbrite booking service. By clicking on the link for the service you prefer to attend, you can print off your ticket (free of charge) and then bring it with you to the service. We will know automatically that you have received your ticket and will look forward to welcoming you. There is however a strict limit on the number of tickets available and once this limit is reached, no more bookings can be made. A tip: if there are no more spaces on the service you prefer, please try the other link, because there may be space there.

Please note: each adult and child must book a place and children or groups of children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We ask that everyone wear a mask, including children, as appropriate.

Tickets are available to book from Saturday 11th December.

There is no charge.

To read more about the services, and other services we are welcoming everyone to, please go to:

Once you have decided which Christmas Eve service you prefer, 2.30 or 4.00, click on the relevant link below and follow the instructions.

Any problems, please get in touch.

Best wishes

The St James’s Christmas Team

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