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The Big Help Out

As you may know, as part of the Coronation celebrations, Monday 8th May has been designated as the day of The Big Help Out, which will focus on volunteering and volunteer recruitment.

As part of our celebrations in Riding Mill, we shall be mounting an event aimed at all, but especially families and young people, which will be an afternoon of fun and joining in with an excellent range of activities, with cake thrown in for good measure!

Watch out for the posters any time now!

The afternoon will centre on the Parish Hall with some activities on the amenity land be- side the tennis courts. This is a great opportunity for clubs and organisations based in Riding Mill to recruit new members and volunteers should they so wish. If you would like to take the opportunity to mount a small display stand or table to promote your club/ organisation, or even run a small activity, then we are here to help. There will be space available both inside and outside, depending on your needs. We hope that a good number of people from within and outside the village will join us for the afternoon, thus providing you with an ideal opportunity. If you would like to take advantage of this offer no charge of course! please let us know by replying to

before April 15th to help us with our planning and we can talk about the details.



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