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Riding Mill Lent Soup Recipe Book 2021 Update

Updated: May 7, 2021

This is the recipe book that recently you may remember Jenny asked people to send in their favourite soup recipes to share to all, Lots did and now the book will be available to buy from the first week in March.

There will be a minimum donation of £7:00 per copy with all profits going to Oxfam Coronavirus Appeal.

To order a copy please contact Jenny Mathers via email at

Payments preferably via BACS to St James Church PCC. Alternatively by cheque made payable to: St James Church PCC.

Jenny will supply all the details of how to pay and obtain your copy in a Covid Safe Way.


The total money raised from the sale of the Lent Soup Recipe Book was

£1,439.50 This has been sent to Oxfam's Coronavirus Appeal, with thanks for all who sent recipes, drawings etc and who donated by procuring a book!

Jenny Mathers

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