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Body Grooving

Body Grooving is a safe, mindful movement programme.

The moves are easy to learn and are danced with ease and comfort in mind, making my classes accessible to ALL.

Body Grooving can be a workout or a healing experience, it’s always your choice. Regular practise can help improve over all fitness and is an effective way of releasing tension and stress for body and mind. My classes are fun and light-hearted and a wonderful way to start the weekend, dancing with a super group of people. 

Finding health in joyful movement. No dance experience needed. All ages welcome.

Day and time of class – Saturday 10am – 11am.

Where – Millennium Hall.

Please feel free to contact me.

Allison Austick –

Phone 07502121617/01434 682466

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Body Grooving 2.jpg
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